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Donate Funds or Resources

The Starved Rock Foundation through generous donations from people like you help further funding for park programs, events, and interpretive materials such as exhibits, maps, and signage found throughout the park.  Through your generosity education and enjoyment of the outdoors can continue at Starved Rock State Park. We need your help!

How to donate

Online donation

Send a donation through PayPal.

Donate tax free through your IRA

Consult your accountant or financial advisor. Most plans (and the IRS!) allow you to donate directly from your IRA. If you're over 70 1/2, it may be a tax free withdrawal and count towards your RMD. Learn more here.

Mail or Drop off a check

Starved Rock Foundation
P.O. Box 398
Utica, IL 61373

Please make checks payable to: Starved Rock Foundation

How donations are helping

You will be surprised in what can make a difference with keeping this fabulous system running. It is not only about financial assistance but also about people and gifts-in-kind. Look over some of the items below to get an idea of what types of items have helped in the past. We thank you for all of your kind gifts and generosity.

Examples of donated items

  • 8 Upbeat park benches ($6070)

  • Nikon D100 digital camera ($2740.20)

  • Dell Latitude D800 laptop and case ($1759)

  • Dell Dimension 4700 desktop ,Dell 962 all-in-one printer, External floppy drive ($1924.55)

  • 3M overhead projector ($360)

  • Microsoft Office with PowerPoint and Print Shop Deluxe Software ($189.98)

  • Hotpoint refrigerator ($230)

  • Emerson microwave oven ($69.88)

  • Civilian Conservation Corps, historical exhibit in partnership with a grant from the Daughters of the American Revolution ($2,000)

  • Trail maps ($24,000)

  • Eagle and Pelican display ($400)

  • Taxidermy, mammal display case ($$$$)

Examples of donated services

  • $2000 for video production of “The Recent History of the Illinois Indians”

  • $500 to Illinois Audubon Society (Starved Rock Audubon Chapter) for the Eagle Watch Weekend

  • $500 to the Utica Gazebo Fund (2004 tornado)

  • $1200 for Sunday Programs

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