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Our Mission

Our Mission is To support Visitor Center programs that educate, conserve, and provide recreational opportunities, while raising funds for the improvement of Starved Rock State Park through volunteerism, donations, and a 100% volunteer-run store...

Supporting Conservation, Education, and Recreation

Since 1991, The Starved Rock Historical and Educational Foundation has been the non-profit organization for Starved Rock State Park in North Central Illinois, rooted in conservation, education, and recreation. Its volunteer program includes interpretive hikes and staffing the Visitor Center information desk, and the Foundation raises funds for the park’s improvement through memberships, donations, and profits from the volunteer-run LeRocher Book Store. The elected board of directors has donated over $450,000 in the past 30+ years.


We are:

  • A dedicated group of responsible individuals who are passionate about the preservation and appreciation of Starved Rock State Park.

  • Committed to promoting environmental awareness and responsible outdoor recreation.

  • Enthusiastic about hiking and the activities included in the local nature.

  • A friends’ group, made up of individuals with a deep connection to the outdoors, who strive to promote the park’s natural beauty and history to visitors from all around.

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